No matter our age, all mothers love pampering & healing time. Mother's day  is completely made for you to relieve & revive, spend time with friends & loved ones or just to have some time to yourself. Inner wellness & wellbeing in the form of nourishing food, meditation, spa treatments & much earned rest are on the be. Health Mother's Day Nurture Guide fit for any day of the year. 

Here's our top 10 list

  1. Sleep in: much needed rest is always on a mum's to do list. 
  2. Make a home made card: a personal letter from the heart means so much.
  3. Breakfast in bed: try our delicious be. Chocolate Chip Pancakes 
  4. Walk with her outside: let the fresh autumn air pepper the skin. 
  5. Pitch in with jobs: laundry, dishes, cooking, the list is long.
  6. Spa at home: run a bath with essential oils.
  7. Meditative space: create a quiet xen nook for a moment of calm.
  8. Light a candle: find scents that create mood & relaxation.
  9. Nap time: light a fire and brew some herbal tea in her favourite teacup. 
  10. Present her with some flowers: bring nature inside.

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