Why be.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Briony Kennedy and I am the owner of be. an Australian Made range of natural collagen products formulated to assist with the heath of your skin, bones, muscles, and joints. 

What you may also find interesting is that I am also the founder and 'face of' Adorn Cosmetics. This means it is vital that my skin looks its absolute best, and as a mature woman the benefits of adding collagen into my diet not only assists with healthier looking skin, but also helps improve inflammation and joint pain that I personally experience due to psoriasis and a hypermobilty disorder. 

What I put on and in my body have always been very important to me. From makeup to skincare, vitamins and supplements, the products I use must be healthy, natural as possible, taste amazing, and equally as important - be beneficial.  

be. collagen supplements contain pure collagen peptides and is dairy, gluten and sugar free with no nasty additives, because we believe you deserve to know what you are putting in your body without needing a Harvard degree.

Life is busy - I get it. Running 2 companies and being the mum of 3 boys, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 lizard means things get a little crazy, so adding a supplement into my day needs to be simple. be. is formulated to be added into just about anything from water, smoothies, cereal, yoghurt and even to your morning coffee.

Now's your time.

be. Healthy       
be. Beautiful
be. Strong

be.cause YOU are worth it.