Here at be. we love talking to women giving it their all and picking their brains with a pen and paper handy for those lightbulb moments we don't want to forget.

For our first be. chat, we're talking be. health owner, Briony Kennedy, because who else would we start with? Not only does she own be., but she is the founder and creative brains behind Adorn Cosmetics.

What inspired you to market be.?

Over the years I have seen how women in particular, need to take themselves on a holistic health journey which includes their inner health as well as the beauty they feel and see in the mirror each day. 

How do you take your be.?

Anyway I can! I have Pure in my morning beverages. Vanilla in my smoothie and pancakes and I like Chocolate at night as a hot choccy.

How are you #betterwithbe?

Healthier hair for sure. My skin has improved so much since taking be. and my nails are stronger and grow quickly. I also have some dodgy knees too and be. helps me to manage all that. 

What keeps you motivated?

My family. I want the absolute best for them. I want my boys, husband, and extended family to have access to the best education and products that allow them to live their best lives and share that with the wider community. 

What is the best business advice you’ve been given?

You can't be everyone's friend in business and it's ok to say no. Your time will be your most precious asset as you can't get it back. Use it wisely and do what makes you feel energised. 

What does a morning in your life look like?

Honestly? A circus. I could not do what I do without the love and support of my husband Matt and my amazing team. 

I check emails and social media messages and post on social. Next, I check my diary (yikes) and look at daily tasks I wrote night before and plan out the day. I try to fit in any exercise I can before getting ready to head to the office, answering a heap of phone calls and opening my laptop to commence work.. somewhere in there I have helped get my kids ready for school, fed someone, myself or an animal. 

Let's go through some rapid-fire questions…

3 things you would take to a desert island: my coffee machine with coffee (is there electricity on the island? please say yes), whisky (necessary hydration) and be. of course.

Describe yourself in three words: Determined, detail orientated, kind.

On the weekend, we will find you… hanging with the kids or at home. Maybe a catchup with friends and hopefully a sleep-in with our cats, dogs and any other animal we may have adopted that week. 

Your go-to drink order is... coffee: flat white with be. or a whisky if it's after lunch ;)

Your pet peeves are... laziness, bad manners and rubbish coffee.

What is next on your bucket list? Launching exciting new products in the be. health range such as:

  • Zero Waste Refill Options
  • Gut Health & Vitamin Powders
  • Wellness Teas
  • Vegan Collagen Skincare

Stay tuned for more chats with sassy women on be. in the Know!